Ausgezeichnet mit dem Most Influential Paper Award (ICSME)

Auf der International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME) 2017 in Shanghai, China wurden die Autoren der Publikation „An Activity-Based Quality Model for Maintainability“, ICSM 2007 Paris, France mit dem Most Influential Paper Award geehrt. Darin stellen F. Deißenböck, S. Wagner, M. Pizka, S. Teuchert, J.-F. Girard ein 2-dimensionales Software Qualitätsmodell unter Berücksichtigung der Aktivitäten, welche während der Wartung anfallen, vor.


Maintainability is a key quality attribute of successful software systems. However, its management in practice is still problematic. Currently, there is no comprehensive basis for assessing and improving the maintainability of software systems. Quality models have been proposed to solve this problem. However, existing approaches do not explicitly take into account the maintenance activities, that largely determine software maintenance effort. This paper proposes a 2-dimensional model of maintainability that explicitly associates system properties with the activities car-
ried out during maintenance. The separation of activities and properties facilitates the identification of sound quality criteria and allows to reason about their interdependencies. This transforms the quality model into a structured and comprehensive quality knowledge base that is usable in real project environments. For example, review guidelines can be generated from it. The model is based on an explicit quality metamodel that supports its systematic construction and fosters preciseness as well as completeness. An industrial case study demonstrates the applicability of the model for the evaluation of the maintainability of Matlab Simulink models that are frequently used in model-based development of embedded systems.


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