ICSME 2018 Keynote „Inside Software Renovation“

Auf der International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME) 2018 in Madrid behandelte Dr. Markus Pizka in seiner Keynote das Thema „Inside Software Renovation“. Darin beleuchtet er die Diversität der Herausforderungen, die Legacy Systeme hervorbringen, sowie mögliche Lösungswege und Chancen für die Praxis.

Abstract: In most companies, the ability to innovate depends heavily on the ability to extend and adapt existing IT systems. Unfortunately, these existing systems are usually not in a desirable condition. They are often in old and proprietary technologies, have serious quality defects and expose all the disadvantages of aged systems that Dave Parnas already described in 1994 as „software aging“. Due to the many different influencing factors, an individual improvement strategy has to be found in every situation and – even more difficult – enforced! By using examples from practice this talk shows the diversity of legacy challenges that companies are facing and possible solutions. Thereby it also becomes clear that the challenges of dealing with existing systems has only just begun. There are numerous open questions and opportunities for the future.