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Computer Science. Independent. 15 years of experience. Continuous growth. International locations. Customers: Top 500 finance, automotive and retail companies.


We are the #1 know-how carrier for innovative IT strategies and oustanding software solutions in the Central European market. We think creatively, focused and independently.


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Computer Scientists
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Project Highlights

B2B Banking: Renewal of the portfolio management

Automotive: Planning and quality assurance

Metal industry: SAP-based plant planning

Legal expenses insurance: System renovation

Financial service provider: Omni-channel sales

Insurance: Europe’s fastest claim settlement


Dr. Markus Pizka
CEO & Founder
Dr. Christian Rehn
CEO & Founder
Cristina Peligros
Software Consultant
Tobias Simon
Senior Software Architect


The International Conference of Program Comprehension (ICPC) 2015 honored the publication Concise and Consistent Naming by Dr. Markus Pizka und Dr. Florian Deissenboeck (CQSE GmbH) with the Most Influential Paper Award and thus one of the most influential publications of the last 10 years. The publication shows how important the naming of program components is for actual maintenance, provides clear quality criteria and a solution for automated testing with tools.
The publication Adaptation of Large-Scale Open Source Software - An Experience Report by Dr. Markus Pizka was awarded the Best Paper Award at the 8th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR) in March 2004, in Tampere, Finland. The publication discusses the risks of the new development of software as well as the chances of expanding and adapting existing software from the perspective of many years of experience.

Research Publications

Oliver Theel, Markus Pizka
In Proceedings of the 32nd Hawaii Int'l Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-32) CD-ROM, January 1999
C. Eckert, M. Pizka
The Journal of Supercomputing, 13(1): 33-55, January 1999
Markus Pizka, Florian Deissenboeck
Technische Universität München, February 2006
P. P. Spies, C. Eckert, M. Pizka, C. Czech, J. Geiger, C. Rehn
In SFB 342: Methods and Tools for the Utilization of Prallel Architectures, Munich, Germany, August 2000. In Conjunction with the European Conference on Prallel Computing - EuroPar 2000



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